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For example, Google provides several grounds for removing a review. Content that is not true, insults, and negative materials about competitors aimed at lowering the rating. Google rules reviews If the administration refuses to remove a negative review, you can apply to the court. According to articles 91, 94, 277 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, a legal entity has the right to protect its business reputation and demand a refutation of false information that discredits it. Important. Going to court is an extreme measure that a business can apply in the most difficult and controversial cases. Litigation requires a professional approach and requires the assistance of competent lawyers.

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What you definitely shouldn’t do is threaten to sue every dissatisfied client. How not to deal with negativity The following are blunders that can lead to dire consequences and, ultimately, a serious blow to the company’s reputation. Hide or remove negative feedback . Most likely, the user will leave a review again, only this time he will post it on a site China Mobile Number List where brand representatives will no longer be able to control the situation. Dispute, rudeness, accusations of the buyer in “rudeness” or lies, shifting responsibility for what happened. Even if the company representatives are convinced that it is the user who is to blame, in no case should he point this out to him. The client will start looking for other ways to achieve justice, to “inflate” the problem, to attract like-minded people.

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One problem will add to many others. formal answer. Instead of writing a soulless “I’m sorry that you encountered this problem,” you need to express a sincere desire to help, offer a solution, or talk about the steps that the company has already taken to correct the current situation. How to prevent negativity The best way to prevent negativity is to collect positive feedback. They will serve as a kind of reputational “airbag” for the company and will be able to compensate for negative ratings. Develop a section with reviews on your own website, on social networking pages. Simplify the review process. Ideally, if you can evaluate a product or service in one click.

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