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Content distribution Digest: a collection of the most interesting, relevant materials, proposals for a certain period. For a digest, three or four headings are allowed for one letter. Digest Conclusion As a result, you will have a clear plan of action. Most importantly, don’t put it off. The implementation is not as scary as it might seem. Start by fixing critical bugs and choose a couple of pilot versions to test. For example, a welcome chain. An abandoned cart, as they are quickly implemented and will bring results immediately after launch. If you have resources and a large budget, feel free to start work on all fronts. Even an experienced marketer can get confused when opening Google Analytics 4 for the first time.

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And for those who have never worked with web analytics before, the system will seem like a “Chinese letter” in general. Alexander Kazakov will tell you how Italy Phone Numbers List to set up events and conversions in Google Analytics 4. And in two ways at once – using the Tag Manager and the Google Analytics Debugger extension. Reading time 16 minutes You can immediately jump to the desired section: Event and Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics 4 via Google Tag Manager Tracking events and conversions in Google Analytics 4 – directly in DebugView mode conclusions Alexander Kazakov Alexander Kazakov, founder of Kazakov Commerce, author of the Telegram channel of the same name and blog on online sales Site events are different points of interaction between the user and site elements.


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You can track such events: button clicks; clicks on links; uploading a lead magnet, price list or commercial offer, which can also be tracked as link clicks ; filling out and submitting forms. For example, on my blog, the following events are configured: clicks on the “Subscribe” button located at the top of each page:Event: subscribe button filling out a form on the “Open the Box” page, where I collect leads in exchange for free sales lessons: event: filling out a form on a page click on the “Subscribe to the Telegram channel” button, which is located in the articles and opens a chat bot with useful materials: Event: channel subscription Event and Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics 4 via Google Tag.

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