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Try to combine different tools from different platforms or choose the most convenient service for you, which includes a complete package of resources necessary for promotion. A typical problem for many accounts is that the Smart Shopping campaign works, but does not actively show all products. How to understand why this is happening and how to make Smart Shopping work better? Yana Lyashenko, Google-logistician of the AdwService agency, shares her advice. Reading time 12 minutes You can immediately jump to the desired section: Background of the problem with the output of not all products Causes of uneven distribution of impressions Why there is not enough data to select a converting audience Method for solving the problem – de-segmentation.

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Method of solving the problem – profitability correction What to do if Smart Shopping showed products more or less evenly before, but not all of them converted in top impressions and clicks What to check and how to change the situation What to do with Greece Mobile Number List goods Yana Lyashenko Yana , Google-logistician of the Internet marketing agency Adw Service Smart Shopping (smart shopping campaigns) is a Google Ads tool that combines shopping campaigns, remarketing tools in the Display Network, YouTube, Gmail. These campaigns learn automatically, choosing the best placements and setting bids so that the ad pays off. I described this type of advertising in detail in an article on the Service blog. You can read it at the link adwservice google-shopping .

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Background of the problem with the output of not all products Smart Shopping is certainly a very useful tool, but it can be problematic.  Here is how one customer described the problem: Background of the problem with the output of not all products In my experience, everyone faces this problem. If you have Smart Shopping campaigns running, pay attention to the number of impressions at the product level. Surely, you will see that they are shown unevenly. Let’s analyze the situation that Nikolai briefly described in the screenshot above. At first, this campaign had a poor rating. Then the client finalized the feed, and because of this, the situation became much better – the percentage of lost impressions decreased.

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