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Banal manual work that CRM can do in a second distracts managers from the really important tasks. A complete, structure and reliable customer base – with contacts, correspondence history and telephone conversation records. Managers do not know who their colleagues are working with, customer contacts are store in notebooks and personal mobile phones. You can lose the base due to the departure of an unreliable manager, draining promising deals to competitors, illiterate work with common documents. Analytics . Without accurate analytical data, businesses operate blindly. Management does not know how many leads are attract and sales are made in a certain period of time. This means that he cannot build a strategy, plan and manage a company.

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Control – over the time of managers, the fulfillment of tasks, the quality of service. Instead, there is a constant “resolving” of problems. The main reason for such losses is the human factor and the lack of automation. CRM helps solve these problems by Belarus Mobile Number List doing routine work and allowing managers to deal with sales, and managers with control and analytics. How CRM Helps Business Automation of manual work. The probability of concluding a deal depends less on the attentiveness of the manager. For example, when making a transaction, the data from the buyer from the card in CRM – name, address, bank details – are automatically enter into contracts and invoices. The transaction amount also does not need to be recalculat manually – all numbers are “pull up.

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Integrations with useful services. For example, a connection with a virtual PBX allows you not to lose customers even if the call is missed. All telephone conversations are recorded, and the recordings can be listened to directly in CRM – for example, to clarify agreements or work on scripts. And integration with call tracking will help you analyze the effectiveness of advertising directly in CRM – which source, campaign, keyword brings the most interested users who call and order. Below: an example of transferring data about the advertising source of the call to CRM: Transferring call tracking data about the advertising source of the call to CRM Keeping statistics. CRM collects statistics and displays visual graphs and reports.

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