Being a headhunter, asking good questions is more valuable than marketing

Next, through the interview and dialogue between Weiwei Xu and Yury, director of PageGroup’s TA (Talent Acquisition), we will come together to discuss the topics of concern to everyone。Where is the charm of headhunting? Become aWhat qualities do hunting heads need?yourHow industry work experience adds points to headhunting work?

The interviewer during the interview with Michael Page gave me great inspiration。When I joined, I was applying for the Michael Page Jewelry Retouch Service Moscow office. At the time, I 25 years old and just got married. I was eager to find a suitable job to support my family。Although I knew very little about the headhunting industry at the time, the entire interview process made me look forward to headhunting。I foresee that I can learn a lot from these predecessors, and I can succeed like them。

How come to China to develop a career later?

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It’s still that sentence, mainly because Michael Page has a group of outstanding colleagues。The manager who recruited me into the Michael Page Moscow office moved from Moscow to Shanghai. In 2016, he introduced me to the then general manager of Michael Page East China District Director. I flew to Shanghai for an interview and successfully joined the Shanghai team。Obviously, the Chinese market has great potential, and I can learn a lot here。

The recruitment market in Russia is mainly “customer-driven”, that is to say, the demand for talent by enterprises is much lower than the number of job seekers。The situation in China is just the opposite-the demand for talent by enterprises (including local companies and multinational companies) is much higher than the number of candidates on the market。Therefore, many companies face challenges in attracting and retaining talent, which also provides opportunities for headhunters to create value。We provide to customers Recruitment strategy consultation, To understand their business in depth, so as to help them tap high-quality candidates in a targeted manner。

As a headhunter in China, what are the main challenges you face?

It may unexpected to say that the main challenge in the past four years is not to recruit talents for customers, but to recruit suitable headhunting consultants for our own team。Our requirements and expectations for headhunting CG Leads consultants very high, not only requiring candidates to have excellent business skills and communication skills, but also having continuous learning ability, adaptability and ability to overcome difficulties。Headhunting is not a momentary effort and requires persistent efforts。Of course, it will be difficult at first, but here we areSuccessful headhunter consultantAll have the characteristics of not giving up and making progress。Let’s talk about the specific recruitment areas you are responsible for. What are the characteristics?

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