Because We Need To Track Conversions For All Unique First Calls

Based on it, a special definition will be built, and then a conversion. The scope is always an event, because it is on it that we will further configure the conversion. Now go to the Audiences tab and click “New Audience” and “Create Custom Audience”: Setting up Google Analytics goals4 – creating an audience Specify its name and click “Audience Trigger”, for which we set the name. And check the box shown in the screenshot below. IMPORTANT: the name of the trigger should not contain spaces, if necessary, put a hyphen or underscore. After that, we move on to filtering settings. To do this, we click “Add condition.

Google Analytics Goal Setting

Setting up Google Analytics goals4 – setting up filtering Go to “Events” from the list that opens, select the call event . For it, we select a parameter from the drop-down list. We need a parameter based on which the audience will be built, and then the conversion. For us, this is a special definition for unique calls: Setting Google Analytics Goals4 – Unique Oman Mobile Number List Calls Select this parameter and set values ​​for it from the drop-down list: exactly matches. Setting Google Analytics Goals4 – Goal for Unique Calls After that, click “Apply”, and then you will be taken back to the setup interface. If you look to the right, you can see a summary there. This is a preliminary forecast, based on events that are already in Google Analytics.

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Conversions You Can Check

But it is important to understand that these events will no longer be taken into account in the conversion – because they were sent before it was set up: Setting Google Analytics4 Goals – Summary You will only take into account those events that will fall into Google Analytics after setting up the event and audience. You can see the configured audience in the list in the tab of the same name. Next, go to the Conversions section , click the blue button “Create a conversion event” and give it a name similar to the trigger. I advise you to call everything the same – in accordance with the event, so as not to get confused.

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