B2b and B2c E-commerce: Understand the Differences and How to Build a Successful Strategy for Each

Understand how B2B and B2C business models impact e-commerce strategies. For the client, the existence of differences between ecommerce B2B vs. B2C has little relevance. In the end, it is enough that your shopping experience is efficient and ensures the benefits of the virtual commerce environment. However, for managers and professionals in the area, this e-commerce are very different, mainly when thinking about communication and customer acquisition strategies. A B2B Digital Marketing strategy is completely different from a B2C one, being essential that professionals understand their person well for customer attraction and acquisition strategies. Therefore, the idea of ​​this post is to try to understand the best way to optimize the customer experience, and therefore, your sales results.

B2b and B2c Ecommerce Audience

Starting with the most basic. The acronym b2b is used to describe. Business to business relationships, or, in good spanish, between companies. The b2c defines the interactions between business to customer, or between. The company and the final customer. Based on this, the philippines mobile number example acquisition made by a customer. In b2c is aimed at satisfying individual needs, whether it is to make a gift. To another person or a donation. However, it is your wishes. And interests that define the purchase. In b2b, the purchase can even be conducted by a single employee. Of the purchasing sector, but it is not their interests. And needs that define the negotiation, but the demand presented by the company.

B2c Shopping Influencers

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Selling to the consumer seems much less complex, but in reality, it has as many or more influencers than B2B that affect our process. Among them, we can mention personal order items. In marketing, one of the most efficient strategies is the definition of the buyer persona, which, in short, is the representation of the ideal buyer of a product. With this representation, it is possible to customize actions and promotions, but at the CG Leads time of purchase, each customer will present their specific characteristics. As an example, we can cite your age, where you live, family constitution and current professional or emotional challenges. To create your persona and optimize your results, use our Fantastic Persona Builder.

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