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Good people! Ariel here to tell you how i have managed. To automate an important part of social networks in my digital projects and what this task automation is all about in your day to day life. We all know that time is the most limited resource we have. And in my case, i have two little ones and with part-time. School, i’m not even telling you. Every free hour i have i make the most of it, in fact, now i’m writing in a cafe two blocks from my daughter’s school between her entrance and exit. Like you who will have your own affairs to attend to on a daily basis. In this context, i was wondering how to continue generating content for my projects and be able to share it on social profile. Perhaps writing one or two notes a day. How tedious it was for me, once the new post was published on my.

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WordPress platform, having to log in to the twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest and linkedin accounts to publish the new note without forgetting to use the url shortener. Note Australia Phone Number List formatting, etc. Phew! At that point i discovered that it was possible to integrate my wordpress platforms with social networks . How? Basically in 2 ways that i will tell you below. Using wordpress plugins one of the easiest ways. Especially if you are starting to test automations. Is to use the plugins that wordpress offers. Each one of them has its advantages and limitations and in the long term i recommend using an external web service (via api) that we will see later.

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In any case, i will tell you about some of the most robust plugins for these tasks. Most general of the wordpress ecosystem. Within its functionalities it has CG Leads a call “ publicize ” that allows you to integrate your new blog entries with the social networks that you include. One of the most valued in this category. It has a clean interface and allows you to connect to 13 different social networks including twitter, linkedin, and reddit. Social auto poster : this plugin is a very good option, and what makes it distinctive is that it can connect with tumblr and youtube. Something difficult to find in other plugins.

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