Automated SMS Marketing: A Must Look at Mobile

Is the dog man’s best friend? Some will say that it still does. However, what is the most faithful companion of people? Today, the mobile phone. And it is that, considering that about 62% of the world population —according to Statista— owns one of these devices in 2021, the presence in the mobile phone market is something that few can deny. For this reason, digital marketing efforts are increasingly focused on reaching the audience through these devices. Now, through what channel? There are several, but one of the most effective in multi-channel strategies is SMS, and even more so in its automated deployment.automated SMS marketing

What is Automated Sms Marketing?

Automated SMS marketing is the sending of text messages automatically, as its name implies, to a specific segment of an audience. These communications are triggered by predefined actions. In other words, when the client fulfills —or does not— a condition, the system sends him an SMS. These strategies serve both to inform and to interact with prospects who visit websites and e-commerce. Through this route, companies can achieve increased Russia phone number customer registrations, conversions, and, therefore, revenue. Advantage? Many. However, an infallible feature of automated SMS marketing is its level of engagement. As mentioned above, mobile phone penetration is very high in the world. For this reason, it is estimated that this channel is one of those with the highest opening rate. According to the Gartner company, this index would reach 95%, while the response rate would be 45%.

The Pros of Automation

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Different platforms have already incorporated automation to favor digital marketing actions. And it is that this feature is beneficial for companies when executing a strategy. One of them is the time savings that managing multi-channel campaigns means for a team. It is only necessary to CG Leads create automatic scenarios, connect them to the database and provide creatives that target the segment of the audience to which they will be directed. Another advantage of using automation is that the tools are becoming more intuitive. Their use does not require extensive tutorials, but they are designed so that anyone with a basic knowledge of the digital world can work with them.

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