Automated Marketing Software: Save Time and Get Closer to Your Customers

Technology allies. From the manual, we are moving more and more to the automatic. Why? For the time. Seconds, minutes and hours can influence costs when developing and executing digital marketing campaigns. For this reason, companies have been turning to automated marketing software for some time. These platforms facilitate the development of marketing automation strategies, whether through one or several channels (multichannel). This technological incorporation benefits marketers in terms of reducing human and temporary efforts for the execution of campaigns. In addition, it has more advantages when it comes to analyzing the behavior of the audience or the results of the proposed objectives. A marketing automation software has the advantage of —usually— being a complete tool.

Automated Marketing: Conditional Messages

Marketing automation software is becoming more intuitive in its usability and navigation. For this reason, mounting campaigns on these platforms follow a basic structure but is governed by conditions established by the manager. These campaigns are made up of sequences, which, according to the activator —also known in English as a trigger— react to actions. The Netherlands phone number example strategies are based on the customer journey and previously established by the marketing team. The parameters vary depending on whether it is an activation, conversion or retention plan. The condition is always a formula between action and time. However, factors such as schedules, copies —communication messages— and creatives must also be considered in the equation.

How to Save Time With Automated Marketing Software?

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Marketing automation software are smart platform. What does this mean? That they follow “orders” as the parameters set by the marketing teams are activated. Therefore, the manual efforts decrease considerably. Saving time is one of the most essential factors of these tools. In addition, they CG Leads are made up of intuitive steps, which also favors temporary wear.1. Automated sequences sequences are activated according to a certain time, from minutes to days, or a defined one-time event. For example, a customer’s birthday will trigger a sequence where messages could be sent via email or SMS.2. Shipping intervals time is one of the conditions for sequences to be activated, defining the sending intervals is key in an automated marketing strategy. Considering the behavior of the user is necessary.

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