As a graduation project pushes us beyond our limits

In the final year, making a short film as a graduation project pushes us beyond our limits. You must then learn to become independent, to resist the stress and anxiety generated by the deadlines. texture-management Credit: Unsplash Do you know where this passion for drawing came from? What was your relationship to art, its place in your life, to want to direct you towards an artistic career? I have always bathed in this universe. My mother is a painter and I learned to draw by first copying her technique. Passionate about art history, she often spoke to me about Caravaggio and Picasso. She bought me books and albums on the great painters, the Impressionists, the Fauvists.

I built theoretical knowledge that gave me a sensitivity

Very young, I built theoretical knowledge that gave me a sensitivity to art. A certain vision of things. texture-management-2 Credit: Unsplash Why did you focus on texture in particular. Texture has always interested me: even though I loved T-Shirt Design Service drawing as a child. I was especially passionate about watercolors, which lead us to reflect on the different textures of objects: shadows, lights, the separation between elements , textiles, how to reproduce a rock, bring out the shadow of the moss on the rockā€¦ At the professional level, I was offered the opportunity to prove myself by integrating the texture pole of the first two seasons of Les As de la jungle. Today, five years later, I have climbed the hierarchy from a simple graphic designer to a texture manager, and I manage a team of five graphic designers.

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From a technical point of view

Canva texture Use this template Shadows, lights. From a technical point of view. what elements does a texture consist of. The texture includes CG Leads two things: the colors, and the shader, that is to say the material. The colors are perceived by the eye and will give the relief. The shader is made up of the perceived color and its ability to reflect (specular) light. If the specular is diffuse or dark, we will have a matte finish, while if it is punctual, the material will appear wet, shiny, plastic or glass. It is the combination of all these elements which makes it possible to transcribe the realism of the material, to reflect the elements which surround it, to materialize the relief. texture-management-david clarke Credit: David Clarke, Unsplash How do you go about texturing and intensifying an image.

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