Are You Ready to Sell on Black Friday Colombia?

The most anticipated date of the year is approaching. Black Friday 2018 is celebrated on November 23, an initiative that reaches its seventh version with the best offers and the best opportunity to buy and sell. Such has been the reception of this date among Colombians, that according to figures from PayU, Colombia closed Black Friday 2017 with 35 percent of online sales, which indicates that the country has had a good response to the Friday initiative black. Black Friday began in the United States the day after Thanksgiving; its success made other countries such as Spain, Australia, Mexico, Ireland, Canada and even Colombia, adopt the initiative of offering great discounts in physical and online stores. However, websites have become the largest platform to find offers quickly and easily with just one click.

Promotion in Your Own Social Networks and Databases

If you don’t have a big budget, social networks are the perfect. Channel to communicate promotions. We suggest designing special pieces for. The event and using hashes like black friday black friday colombia. Blackfriday 2018 similarly, email blasts are still a powerful tool. For communicating offers. Organize the database you have (only authorized emails). Design a striking piece and send an email the same day of. The Russian phone number event.2. Digital advertising payment. Another option that is successful on that date is to use. Paid digital advertising channels such as those offered by facebook or google. The disadvantage of using this option is that bidding for keywords. Is expensive considering that many companies are paying at. The same time to reach the same potential buyers.

Participation in Specialized Promotion Pages

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There are some pages specialized in these events such as Loencontraste or Black Friday Colombia where you can pay to advertise the brands or products. This option is recommended since the traffic received on these pages is from people who are really interested in buying with CG Leads an offer. Since 2014, this date has become popular in Colombia and regardless of the market segment, hundreds of companies and SMEs (online and offline) take the opportunity to offer their products/services and boost their sales. Of the best-selling categories on Black Friday, we can find technology, fashion.

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