Application of Content Marketing to the Communication Strategy of the Construction Sector

As everyone knows, the emergence of new information and communication technologies has generated a change in the behavior of today’s consumers. Today, users use the Internet as a means of obtaining information prior to the purchase of any product or service. It highlights the search for information on the characteristics of the products, reading the opinions and comments of other users, comparing prices, etc.In this context with large competitors, organizations must have a digital marketing strategy to achieve good web positioning. One of the key points to achieve this is the generation of useful and interesting content related to the products or services that are marketed.

Content Marketing for the Construction Sector

The content not only serves to generate a positive reaction in users and attract them, but also contributes to building a strong, lasting and trusting relationship with them, which allows customers to gain loyalty and try to get them to buy new products or services. The construction sector is cell phone number database not exempt from these changes in purchasing habits and, therefore, it is also constantly evolving. Construction companies are adopting actions in digital marketing, paying special attention to establishing a content strategy that seeks interaction with the audience. Bearing this panorama in mind, we are going to detail below how Ferretería Turró , in Salt, Spain, applies content marketing to its communication strategy in the sector.

As a Result of the Crisis in the Construction Sector,

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they adapted to the new times by digitizing the business, well, they did not limit themselves to developing a web page with a virtual store space, but they began to disseminate content to define their communication strategy .It is clear that there is digital content in multiple formats, but taking into account that the hardware store’s builder client is not too CG Leads modern with new advertising trends, they chose to generate content by creating a blog specialized in construction, gardening and DIY with different articles (also known as posts) to publish offers, advice and recommendations that may be of interest to all professionals in the sector.

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