Apple’s Strategy to Retain and Retain Customers

Apple consumers are loyal and do word-of-mouth marketing for the brand. Understand how Apple established itself in the market and how they manage to build customer loyalty. Based in California, Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world, being the first in history to reach a market value of one trillion dollars. As everyone knows, Apple markets electronic devices, including Macs, iPods, iPhones, iPads, and software ranging from simple applications to complex operating systems. Many people who consume the brand are very loyal and seek to buy its entire line of products. They are so connected to Apple that they end up doing word-of-mouth marketing and paying any price every time a new version of the iPhone comes out, for example. Get a better understanding of how Apple established itself in the market and how it builds customer loyalty.

Symbolic Value of the Brand

Apple never needed elaborate campaigns, blurbs, and launch promotions to sell its products. The low price was also never a strategy of the company, since its products were always expensive and, even so, they always sold. The symbolic power of Apple is stronger than the advertising discourse. Even 11 years after the first iPhone was released, people are still lining up get a singapore phone number and camping outside store doors to wait for the new model to be released. The only things Apple does in the launch period are: Present the device (what arouses desire in the public); And announcing the official launch date (which leads people to line up outside the stores). The symbolic value that Apple represents is very significant and is what ends up differentiating it from its competitors. The company makes the products, but what consumers buy is the brand.

Community of Brand Ambassadors

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Apple has conquered a legion of fans and followers like few companies have achieved in history. In its 1997 commercial, the ” Think Different ” campaign made the public identify with the brand. Exploring the emotions is one of the best strategies to put yourself in people’s minds. Even today, having the latest iPhone represents for many the feeling of achieving the CG Leads latest in the market. After all, owning an Apple product is, above all else, a symbolic representation. The status that a new generation iPhone provides is greater than that of any other phone. Apple’s strategy when you hear some marketers talk about Apple, you hear about the emotional benefits associated with the brand.

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