Animation on your Shopify product pages

To create a motion effect or animation on your Shopify product pages? We’re not talking about the kitsch GIF of the 90s, we agree! The GIF is actually a trendy element that has many advantages for an e-commerce site. The GIF is lighter than a video and easier to implement. It is also very effective in explaining or promoting. Its impact is maximum: the product page is dynamic, explicit, all without losing page loading speed. Here are some examples of using GIFs on a product page: 360° view of a product view from different angles declination of colors, material of the product didactic explanation of an operation Design for Shopify – image7 The power of the GIF (even simple)! The little extra.what made you want to turn to this job? I started my studies in medical school. But after failing the competition, my little sister took me by the hand:

Note that also possible to create your own animated images

A GIF is easy to insert into a product page on Shopify. Note that it is also possible to create your own animated images with Canva, thanks to Photo Background Removing the Animator tool. We explain how in the complete guide to find, use and create GIFs . The list of designs that can explode your sales is still long! Here are some additional ideas that you can put in place easily: create gift cards, insert ribbons on your products (promotions, discounts…), work in depth on your brand’s storytelling or even insert a slideshow on the page of welcome. To give you an idea of ​​impactful designs, Mathieu Tranvan has selected 10 examples of the most beautiful Shopify e-commerce sites .Managing textures in design canvas, texture, design Texture management plays an essential role in the rendering of a graphic design production.

Photo Background Removing

The release of the animated film Terra Willy

The release of the animated film Terra Willy, unknown planet is April 3 How do you become texture manager in an animation studio? What is texture CG Leads in design? What are the references to know? We had the chance to interview Hollie Gach, texture manager at the animation studio TAT Productions , which produces short and feature films for children, for television and cinema. On the occasion of the release of the French animated film Terra Willy, unknown planet, on April 3, produced by TAT Productions, we asked her about her career, her job, and her approach to texture in design. Head of texture, it’s an unusual professional choice.  “You love to draw, a 3D course has just opened in a school of applied arts ( ESMA ), take your book and ask for a interview.

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