Animated Videos as a Sales Strategy

Marketing depends largely on the success of a company. Strategies that were effective in the past decade are now obsolete; e-mail marketing, social networks, and print advertising can no longer be the center of a sales strategy, every day the public is bombarded with information and the medium is saturated. That is why you have to be creative and make the most of the resources that technology provides . Currently, it is not enough to promote a product for its usefulness, but it is necessary to establish emotional bonds with the audience. In view of this need, video marketing emerged as a strategy , as it delivers content efficiently and visually with a wide range of possibilities. Keep reading and find out how useful it can be for your company to include animated videos as a sales strategy.

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Why use animated videos in your marketing? With advances in technology and the excessive use of social networks on mobile devices, people consume mostly audiovisual Greece Phone Number List content (videos) by almost 50%. S&P in the United States revealed in March 2020 that, due to the confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 52% of users were watching more videos through platforms such as YouTube. Not including videos in the marketing strategy is ignoring half of a potential clientele. Several user surveys show that they prefer to obtain information through explanatory animated videos. A company whose services are not clear from the beginning can use this strategy to make its product more digestible and attractive.

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Through the animated video,¬† the benefits they offer, in addition to hooking their target audience.Here is a list of the main reasons why you should use animated videos in CG Leads your marketing: Using animated videos on landing pages increases the conversion rate up to 80%. Having videos on the company website increases the probability of appearing among the first search results by up to 50%. 80% of visits to a website consume videos, while only 20% of them read written information. The animated videos that go viral are the ones that contain clear messages and eye-catching graphics and, as a consequence, generate brand establishment and recognition. Animated videos are a hook to keep the viewer’s attention longer, which translates into capturing interest and retaining it. It is scientifically proven that users feel more compelled towards animated videos than other types of videos.

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