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What we are about to write now may surprise some of you, but we will take the risk: when monitoring the fluctuations of the website and its pages, we also monitor the increases and not only the decreases! If you do, you’ll likely get clues as to how the update might affect your site and sites in general, as well as understand what gives a boost and what does the exact opposite. Meaning, with the help of tracking and a complete picture, you can know what to do to improve your website or specific pages on the website and understand what is considered better in the eyes of Google and make sure to always implement it in a broad way.

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What to do if the content dropped after a kernel update? If you notice a Colombia Phone Number List drop, which occurred after an update, it’s time to stop and carefully examine what gained an increase and what gained a decrease in locations. Always remember that Google is not necessarily penalizing your content, but may have simply chosen to prioritize content on another site – and this should be one of your guidelines. This means that you can know or infer specific criteria that, if corrected, might improve your ratings.

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It is better that you examine and evaluate the content that CG Leads suffered a decline, in the most accurate way possible, against the content that gained an increase and compare: what exists in what has fallen versus what exists in what actually climbed in positions. What you still want to do (and even if you don’t want to, you should still do it), is to examine the content that came up above you and try to understand why Google preferred the aforementioned content over your content. In fact, through this comparison, you can understand how you can improve your content and make your website rise in the locations.

How can you improve your site, if its position has dropped. Website owners should always follow Google’s strategies to improve content ranking. More specifically, track the algorithm’s attempts to locate the EAT in the content.

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