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Cleaning the admin panel Our recommendation is to keep only the widgets that you will use regularly and frequently. It may sound like an unnecessary hassle, but it is about cleanliness and order – especially if you are new to WordPress. 3. Defining a website title If you haven’t define the website title yet during the WordPress installation phase, this is a very simple operation: go to settings general settings website title and there type the website title you want. Another way to edit the website title is through the Appearance menu and there you can also edit the tagline website description. of the website. The title of the site will appear on the main page of the site and also in the search engines.

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Make sure that the title is correct and that it represents the site Nepal Phone Number List and that it is not long.  Editing the website description The descriptive site description is “another WordPress site.  It is very important to edit it so that it fits and describes your site. Like the title, the description also appears in search engines. Try to find a short description that describes the site accurately and if you can think of something creative, that would be perfect. The easiest way to edit the description is in the general settings of WordPress under site title settings. Site title definition Here too, after you save the description it will appear on the main page and in the search engines. 5. Redundant URL definition This is a very important setting and it is the one that will determine how they will navigate to your site. Depending on the need, choose your URL prefix.

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Edit the site description If you are not sure what is CG Leads best for you, we recommend consulting the experts, because if there is a discrepancy, your website may be damage. 6. Do not allow anyone to register on your site. If the option to register on the site is open to anyone, change it immediately. You are the owner of the site and you should decide who can register on your site. Apart from that, if anyone can sign up. It’s likely that spammers will sign up and that, you really don’t want it. Do not allow anyone to register on your site 7. Date and time settings In order to adjust the date and time and define how they will be displaye. Go to general settings and there you can see all the options.

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