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Contact-form-7 404 “not found” Amazon ads Advertising budgets for products on Amazon grew by 15%. Advertising budgets for brands (Branded Search) grew by 26%. Brand searches accounted for about 65% of all sales on Amazon, and almost 50% of sales resulting from sponsored advertising. Both brand searches and regular product searches on Amazon received a significantly lower CTR compared to Google Shopping. The reason lies mainly in the fact that there was a significant increase in the amount of exposures on Amazon.

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Digital marketing report Final conclusions: Google Shopping Italy- Phone Number List ads are making a splash and their performance is great. Google Shopping ads currently receive almost two-thirds of the total clicks on ads in the search engine. There was definitely a slowdown in the growth of advertising budgets spent on Facebook. It is not about the abandonment of the advertisers but probably some kind of exhaustion of the platform. On the other hand, Instagram gets more attention and love from advertisers. The ad budget on Amazon is on the decline. The reason is very interesting. It turns out that this is the ability of the advertisers to better optimize their campaigns and thus improve their return on investment on the budget. One of the supports for this conclusion is that receipts from sales on Amazon across all types of ads jumped significantly.

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Make a list of relevant content topics – any field of activity can become a world of rich, in-depth and valuable content for the average surfer. Therefore, we recommend that you compile a list of different content topics for each field of work you focus on, for example : if you are a certified electrician, you can upload different content related to your main field of work such as: certified electrician services as part of construction or renovation procedures, certified electrician services for handling recurring faults and changes in the electrical system, the importance of a qualified electrician to perform electrical work and a long list of topics related to the main field of occupation.

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