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Menu setting You can arrange the order in which the menu items appear, create links and drop-down menus sub-menus.. After you have create the menu itself, choose its location under “Manage Menus”. 13. Deleting unnecessary plugins and unuse templates Like any website, over time plugins or templates are adde and so the others get pushe back and are not use. Be careful with deleting anything that is not in use. Tip: Always save the deployment template that comes with WordPress, which will always be the backup in case something happens to your template or you need to check something in the template.

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Be sure to delete the plugins, which are not in use or those that New Zealand Phone Number List came with the template or WordPress and you do not use them. 14. Updating plugins and hiding the description As part of WordPress, every website owner uses several plugins. Always make sure to update them and yes, even if you just update! Sometimes the plugins are not update and it is very important to update them regularly. After all plugins have been update, you can hide their description – see how: Updating plugins and hiding the description 15. Permalinks link structure. WordPress allows you to choose how your links will look. There are several options and it is recommende to choose the right option for you. Also, don’t forget that there is a prefix importance to your links, so even if you don’t care how your website links look, you want to take care of the website in terms of SEO. You can choose a link structure that will display only the name of the page or post, you can add the name of the category and also a post ID.

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Permalinks link structure. It is important to CG Leads remember : once you have chosen one link structure, do not change it as such a change will affect all pages and also the ranking of the site. Intermediate settings The intermediate settings are settings that must be set. But oil gives them away and in order to succee in not destroying the site. It is useful to understand WordPress a little better before making the settings especially settings that require changing the names of template files.

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