Analyze The Information And Generate Lists Of Suitable Users.

Let’s consider several options. Zengram Parser The Zengram parser is considere shareware. you can upload 3000 accounts with additional data for only 1 ruble. But for 290 rubles you can download 30,000 accounts. Let’s take a closer look at the capabilities of this tool. The parser offers the following options for analyzing the target audience on Instagram: collection of accounts according to the specifie parameters – hashtags, geolocation, followers of competitors; obtaining additional data – phone number, email, link to the site, profile description: phone number and mail are collecte if the user place them under the “Contacts” button, which are in the public domain; collecte base filtering — filters by gender, number of subscriptions and followers, privacy, profile type.

To Collect The Target Audience

Personal commercial; base export – unloading the collecte list for use in mass looking (mass viewing of stories), targeting, calling. Let’s figure out how to set up the target audience according to the parameters on Instagram. instagram promotion, target Ukraine Mobile Number List audience, instagram account parser, programs for instagram parsing, instagram parsing In the “Collection by competitors” section, you can download your opponent’s subscribers and find out his subscriptions. When collecting by hashtags, it is possible to exclude duplicates, leaving only unique users. Logins, hashtags can be add one by one or a whole list. Save the result in a TXT file for use in other Zengram services.

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You Can Use Manual Parsing

Parser is another parser that collects accounts along with the phone numbers to which these accounts are register. how to quickly gain an audience on instagram, how to identify the target audience, how to attract an audience on instagram, target audience for targeting on instagram Target parsing can be carried out using hashtags and competitor accounts. There is no collection filtering, but it is possible not to include in the collection accounts that are register using mail without specifying a phone number. The entire collected database is uploaded to an Excel file with logins, phone numbers and account descriptions. The service does not have a test period, the payment for a month of use will be 2000 rubles. The parser is ideal for those who only need phone numbers.

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