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Connect to the search console and track the number of pages that have been indexe, track your exposures as well as your clicks and of course your ratings. Don’t let all your investment go down the drain and keep track of everything you’ve done, that way you can discover mistakes or a drop in ratings quickly and not when it’s too late and correcting it may take quite a bit of resources and time. Website In conclusion If you apply everything we learne above, you can eradicate the fear of losing rankings or harming your SEO and invest most of your time and energy in reesigning the website and improving it.

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Hence, the great importance of purchasing an SSL license for Argentina Phone Number List website security purposes, and all this regardless of the type of website and its field of activity. It is important to remember that Google wants to present its users with the search results most relevant to the search query, all while maintaining their privacy, which is why it chooses to rank secure sites higher. It is also important to remember that in the eyes of the surfer, a secure site is considere a safer site for browsing and therefore he will prefer it over another site (in the same relevant search field) which is not secure. What is important to know about SSL ? SSL stands for and is actually a standard and standard security protocol in the eyes of Google designe for the nees of establishing encrypte links between the web server.

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Websites that hold an SSL license will be displaye in the CG Leads URL with the marking HTTPS, where the S stands for SSL Types of hacks that affect website promotion One of the most surprising figures you will come across is this: almost two-thirds of website hacks are due to SEO-relate reasons! Surprising, right?! Another surprising figure is the fact that only about one-eighth of the sites that were hackd receive a warning from Google, and this, gentlemen, means that the other seven-eighths do not know that their site was hacke at all pretty scary, we would say.

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