Administration and Marketing: Why It is So Important That They Are Related

Managing the operations and structures of a company is impossible if there is not a clear understanding of the identity of a brand and the objectives that it proposes to fulfill with respect to society. Therefore, management and marketing have a strong participation in the success of a company. Each one contributes specific knowledge that complement each other. The administration aims to study organizations through the planning, organization, direction and control of the company’s resources, in order to maximize its profitability and impact on society. Marketing , according to Philip Kotler, who is known as the father of modern marketing, is “the social and managerial process by which groups and individuals satisfy their needs by creating and exchanging goods and services. “If you want to know more about how these two disciplines complement each other, we invite you to join us in this article!

Why is It Important for a Marketing Graduate to Know About Administration?

For a marketing graduate, knowledge of administration is essential because. It allows you to understand the general context of the company. And to know how each of its areas is related to poland phone number sample each other. Each area: marketing, human resources, finance, accounting, purchasing. Production, etc., plays a fundamental role in the success of the company. So understanding how an organization works gives. You a comprehensive view of it. Understanding the role of marketing. In the company allows you to direct resources, both human, financial and. Technological, towards understanding the market (competition), consumer knowledge and. Finally towards achieving objectives. Furthermore, management and marketing have several things in common. The main one is that both have some steps that have to be taken successively. For the successful implementation of a strategy either.

The Evolution of Marketing

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The enormous generation of data and globalization have transformed the degree in Marketing into a science. Today’s marketers have multiple consumer touchpoints, enabling them to learn more about consumers, target them better, and react faster than ever to CG Leads market forces. A few years ago, marketing focused mainly on the sale of products and services, and advertising through television, radio and print media was the way in which these products were made known and consumers were motivated to buy them. Today, marketing has become a mix of strategy and technology. The growing competition, the evolution of the internet, the emergence of social networks.

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