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Queries – an excellent report is the query report that provides the information regarding which search queries were made that le to browsing to your site. How many exposures ende in real clicks and the site’s click-through rates. Landing pages – one of the most important questions that must be answere is which website pages work best and which are most likely to appear in Google’s search results. That’s exactly why you have the landing pages report, which by the way will help you find out which page ranks highest on Google and attracts the most surfers. Geography Summary – International sites need this report, which segments traffic by geographic location.

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Not sure if it’s relevant for businesses with local traffic, but we Malta Phone Number List thought it was worth dwelling on for a moment. These SEO reports work using a metric method for organic data from Google and not from. Other search engines or advertising of any kind mailing, social networks, etc. The report path is: Acquisition Search Engine Optimization Queries and choosing a desire date range, up to 90 days back. At this stage you can choose which type of report you want to generate and view the information. SEO traffic reports Tip for advance users: above the data table there is a search bar. Type in the search terms or a specific landing page you want to test. Then click on advance and it will generate additional and significant information. You can limit the report so that it only shows pages that rank above 10 in Google and thus you can get. Specific information that will help you edit.¬† Design these pages better in order to make them more attractive and increase traffic easily.

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AdWords traffic If somehow and for a reason that is very clear to CG Leads you, you do not advertise on Google AdWords, skip this part because it is not relevant for you, otherwise click on this path to desecrate the AdWords traffic report: Acquisition AdWords Campaigns AdWords provides reports that talk about the campaign itself and not what happens after they clicke on the ads. The AdWords traffic reports in Analytics should be examine in addition to the reports in AdWords. Cross-check the information and succee in reaching the highest level of optimization for your AdWords campaign and understand.

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