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What is a problematic link. Link farms – a link that comes from a page that has several outbound links is not a quality link Repetitions – repetition of the same anchor text in many links precisely What is the connection. Apparently Bireh Nasher and if there is a link that is not understood why it was place on a certain page, then it is probably problematic You bought – you paid – a link that was purchased and not in an intelligent way but exaggerated, is not a quality link Reciprocity – when the outgoing link and the incoming link come from different worlds and niches that have no connection, it is probably not a cool or likable link Another thing that is important to know about low-quality links is that it is not always the site owners or someone on their behalf who creates these links, which harm the site.

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One of the obscene phenomena when it comes to links is the Japan Phone Number List creation of many links from sites around the web even in different languages. and especially SPAM sites, this is in order to damage a particular site and cause it to drop in its positions. So if you have opponents who want to hurt you, the Disavow tool will stand by your side. By the way, not infrequently, website owners who really want to point to your website, may generate problematic links for you and this without first intending to. We know what you’re thinking, you’re wondering how I’m suppose to know who’s contacting me in order for me to include him in the ignore lists.

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Well, it’s easy and here are a number of tools that will help you locate who is linking to you: Ahrefs tool is a great and recommende tool alongside Moz , Majestic and of course the Search Console, which Google recommends for exactly this purpose. Although there are several tools, it is better to cross-reference because each tool provides information, but all the tools together give the most complete picture. The best way to reach the most correct conclusion regarding problematic links is to work accurately and do manual work in an orderly manner.

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