A Guide To The Basic Concepts That Will Come In Handy

At the connection stage and while working with the product, you will need to know some concepts. So you:

  • you will speak the same language with the support service;
  • you can quickly understand call tracking reports and create the kind of reporting that you need.

So terms.

  1. A lead is a potential buyer who has shown interest in your product and may eventually become a real customer.
  2. Integration is a bundle of several services that gives the user additional benefits. For example, the integration of virtual PBX and CRM saves sales managers from additional manual work. This is possible due to the fact that information about calls is automatically stored in CRM.
  3. Call status is assigned to it depending on its characteristics. For example, answered, missed, target. 

    when using call tracking

  4. Static call tracking is designed to determine the effectiveness of offline advertising and allows you to determine where the client came from. For example, I saw an advertisement on TV or received a flyer on the street with a phone Portugal Mobile Number List number.
  5. Dynamic call tracking makes it possible to determine the effectiveness of online advertising. It allows you to understand the details. For example, Google contextual advertising worked especially well, namely, the campaign brings a lot of calls. And to see more clearly that the “Jackets” campaign and the keyword “buy a winter jacket cues” worked especially well.

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Combined call tracking

  1.  combines dynamic and static types of call tracking. For channels like contextual advertising for which detailed information is needed, dynamic substitution is set. For the rest – static.
  2. The target call is a call received by the manager that lasted longer than the time specified in the project settings. In addition, the call must be made from a unique number within the same sales cycle. Such an appeal is a sign that an interested client called. The duration of the target call depends on the type of business, it is manually set in the call tracking settings. For example, in the delivery of sushi, the sale will take place in 30 seconds, but when installing stretch ceilings, you will have to talk for at least 15 minutes.
  3. Call categories help to differentiate phone calls by topic and degree of usefulness to the company. The category names are up to you. For example, “Sale”, “Consultation” or, as in the screenshot below, use the names of the goods that you sell.

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