A Few Tips. Upload Videos Directly To Facebook Instead

Algorithms do not welcome content consisting mainly of external links – because they take users to other sites. And while such posts are unlikely to disappear from the feed of subscribers, the reach of Facebook’s Smart Feed may decline. Post stories The main advantage of Facebook Stories is that they are not part of the news feed. Stories are located higher – in the literal and figurative sense, and do not obey the main issuance algorithms. Facebook Stories, what it looks like By posting stories daily, you become visible. And you can reconnect with those subscribers who have stopped seeing your content in the news feed. Pin the post A pinned post is any Facebook post that stays at the top of the page and grabs the attention of every new visitor.

Live Video Is The Way To Really

Use this feature to keep important news or popular content from getting lost in the flood of other posts. Upload video If you don’t post videos on Facebook, you’re just losing out on reach. Studies have shown that users consider video the most interesting Kuwait Mobile Number List type of content, and prefer it to text and photos. 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day—they collectively spend 100 million hours watching. of a link from Youtube or Vimeo. In an effort to supplant YouTube as the leading video platform, Facebook is encouraging direct uploads. Native videos start automatically and play right in the Facebook News Feed, guaranteed to grab users’ attention.

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Attach a file with subtitles – when uploading a video or after publication. 85% of Facebook users watch videos without sound, and if its content is not clear, they scroll. Subtitles will help you interact with the user and increase your viewing time by 12% . The video recipe with subtitles is uploaded directly to the Azbuka Vkusa Facebook page. Source Broadcast live You already know that images get more attention than text, and videos get more attention than images. So: live videos work better than all of the above combined. According to Facebook, people watch live broadcasts 3 times longer than regular videos, and comment ― 10 times more willingly.

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