9 Portals of Market Trends to Follow

Keeping up to date in the world of volatile information on the internet is an increasingly difficult task. The news changes at all times and we cannot trust the veracity of the articles published on social networks. In the end, many people take advantage of the innocence of netizens to create fake guidelines. However, we live in a dilemma. Despite the difficulty of knowing what is really happening in the market, it is more than necessary for this to happen. I say this because of the various factors that range from internal strategies to the identification of trends that the competition —or even players from other markets— are applying. It is very important for companies to stay up-to-date.

This Brazilian Portal is a Great

Source when we talk about news from the world of digital marketing and advertising as well. At Brainstorm9, you will find articles on various interesting topics, such as culture, creativity, social media, tech, business, transportation, Brazil and podcasts.For this reason, it is considered an excellent place for those who want to search for content on innovation and coo email list entertainment. In addition, they are always approaching these issues with a more futuristic vision, about what is happening with the world, what will come next, and why it is our concern. What I like most about this portal is its reach to a public that is not always in contact with technology and its speed in publishing news.marketer, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but if I could list them all I think eMarketer would be number one.

Think With Google

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This Google portal is amazing. The English version is much more complete, but in the other languages, ​​it leaves nothing to be desired. With relevant data you wouldn’t find anywhere else, Think with Google shares its insights and research with the world. In the portal, you will find articles and statistics on digital innovation, analysis of the information that is collected by the CG Leads company, visionary trends and the future of the industries. Accenture, a digital solutions company, is an example of global digital innovation, it is always sharing its knowledge through content. I particularly love all the materials they offer. They give me a lot of knowledge.

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