8 Ted Talks That Will Change the Way You See Your Business

Despite addressing diverse topics, attending TED Talks generally brings a great gain in knowledge. Idealized in the 1980s, these conferences have become a true source of inspiration thanks to their unique content. The topics addressed, always interesting and innovative, have the power to impact their listeners. I confess that I have already been thinking for a long time due to some TEDs that I have seen. Therefore, I have put together a list of talks that will change the way you see your business. Do not forget to tell me your impressions in the comments (pointers are also welcome!).

1. How Do Good Leaders Inspire Action?

This conference is a classic! If you ask several TED Talks fans what their favorite videos are, many will surely mention Simon Sinek’s lecture. Watch how Sinek explains company communication using the golden circle and the importance of always asking questions.2. How China is changing the future of shopping. No other news about China has surprised me more. This country is light years ahead of the others in terms of technology. Actually, certain things are terrifying. But let’s leave that pattern for another time. Wechat is proof that the Finland cell phone number way China is shopping has a new concept. There, every month 500 million consumers make purchases through their mobiles. This is equivalent to the population of the US, Germany and the UK combined. Angela Wang, in her TED Talk, talks about these changes in Chinese consumer behavior and mainly about the vision of the new generation when it comes to mobile shopping and e-commerce.

3. My Year Saying Yes to Everything

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You may know Shonda Rhimes from her work as a renowned screenwriter and filmmaker in the United States. In 2017, he left ABC to sign an exclusive deal with Netflix. They really know how to identify a talent! However, what you may not know is that Shonda Rhimes is an amazing speaker. In her TED Talk, she recounted what she has learned by saying yes to CG Leads everything that left her apprehensive for a year. And, believe it or not, that has saved her career.4- Inside the mind of a master procrastinator. If you’ve seen the video for the previous topic — which talks a lot about passion for work — this one is going to be about something very different.This video can also be included in many people’s favorite list.

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