8 Must-see Examples of Marketing Gathered in One Place

One of the main exercises of the rhetoricians of classical Greece was to define something without giving examples. If you stop to think it is not so easy, stop one day to listen and you will see that most people when they want to explain something do so using examples. That habit makes us lose a bit of our ability to define what we think in a descriptive way, because we constantly use comparative examples. That is why today we are going to accept this challenge and we will talk about marketing in both ways, first, we will give some precise definitions and only later we will give the examples, because we marketers have to work for all audiences and, consequently, at the same time formulate the best definition and give the best example.

 What is Marketing

It is placing your product in the middle of the market. A set of techniques that position your product in a visible place in the eyes of your client. It is a combination of processes and targeted actions that, using data and research, places your brand, product or service in the place and time UAE phone number where your customer passes by, thus increasing your sales opportunities. By extension, it is the art of knowing who, how, when, where and through what means, to reach your Persona with a message that comforts, cheers, and, later, motivates them to make the decision to buy your product or service. It is the subtle argument that persuades your lead that you are the best solution for their problem.

Coffee With Spider Man

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In the same way that thousands of people woke up that morning to face a hard day at work and, as usual, stopped by Starbucks Company for coffee. What you didn’t expect was that right before you in line was Peter Parker… or should I say Spider-Man (don’t reveal his secret identity to anyone!). A master move, because if you become friends with Spider-Man you are obliged to go to CG Leads the world premiere of his latest film. So now that we please the rhetoricians and all their thinker friends, we are going to move on to the examples, because what they did not know in their time was that something called a market was going to emerge and that the products would begin to advertise to position their brands using of the deconstruction of examples.

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