8 Hacks to Develop Talent and Innovate in Your Marketing Team

When we get to the point where our marketing team is growing, struggling with some metrics, and you can’t get out of the spot, it’s time to worry about process innovation, rethinking strategies, and developing new skills. Many companies start their innovation projects from marketing analysis. This happens because this team has more contact with what is happening in the external environment and has a macro view of the market. This is a culture that I value very much and I hope that it does not come only from me, but from my entire team. Here at Rock Content, we focus on team autonomy and this is a very valuable behavior for the company. That’s why, as Rock Content’s Marketing Director, I always encourage the team to go above and beyond. Individually think about each other’s future and where they would like to be.

1. Motivate Through Example

Before anything else, keep one very important thing in mind: a leader needs to play more than just a prosecutorial role. He needs to be an example for his team. Therefore, if you want your team to develop, grow and stay current, you need to seek to develop yourself as well. If you, as a leader, do not do this, you will end up losing authority and ownership to golf email list speak on certain issues. I am not saying that you need to be the greatest specialist in everything, but you must have extensive knowledge. The study, read and show people that you are also in search of more knowledge. This is going to be very positive for everyone. Your team should have someone to turn to when they need to answer a question about an innovative strategy. And in this case, you need to know at least what the new trends in digital marketing are, for example. 

2. Build Teams That Can Adapt

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As there is a lot to do, sometimes we cannot develop all the skills, and with small teams we must think about having people willing to do a little of everything. Therefore, assemble a team that can adapt to the most diverse situations. This advice may vary a bit if you are in the initial stage of a marketing strategy or in a more advanced one. Possibly if you’re just starting out, the CG Leads team will be small and everyone will have many roles. Now, if you already have a more mature strategy, surely its structure and levels of knowledge/specialty will be different. In any case, the important thing is to be able to hire people who have a profile that enjoys challenges. In marketing, things change all the time and having a narrow-minded team may not be the best option.

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