6 Successful Tips for Content Distribution in Messaging Apps

This week i was talking with a fellow student; she is in her first year and i almost finished. And she told me about her personal blog and the need to attract readers. Her story really shocked me, since, despite not having much marketing knowledge. She confessed to me that she had been doing mobile marketing for a long time and that was what helped her expand her project. He first started with text messages. Then turned to distributing his content on whatsapp. And thanks to the response from his audience, she now decides to start his personal blog. A very encouraging story! But if you want to start your own story. At nido colectivo we can help you make it a little easier. So you can’t miss these 6 tips for distributing content in messaging apps. But first, let’s start from the basics.

Let’s talk about it

Why share content from messaging apps? Why distribute content in instant messaging apps just when you have a perfect content strategy. The desire to reach as many South Africa Phone Number List users as possible arises. But no matter how good your content is. Without a distribution strategy you will hardly have a good result. Why? Simply because your content belongs to a large cluster of other messages that can be just as good as yours. So why choose messaging apps? Precisely the abbreviation “app” refers to applications, such as whatsapp and many others that you can find in the main menu of your smartphone . They allow you to carry out different actions, such as disseminating content to the masses. Disseminating through groups and, supported by other external tools or applications, it facilitates the automation of that content.

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Before starting a mobile marketing strategy

Using instant messaging apps is one of the best options to distribute content quickly. Since these applications are created to generate conversations, which CG Leads makes them a great friend of content broadcasts. You should analyze what your prospect uses these apps for. They are generally used for communications with your friends and family. So you should spread messages only when it is content that really adds value to the user. Do not exhaust yourself producing three messages a day for your prospects. One quality message will be more than enough.

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