6 Mistakes You Make When Creating Your Brand Person

Creating a brand identity demands the development of effective management and marketing actions. A good branding study, for example, makes a brand more competitive, attractive and communicative — and this is where our topic for today comes in: the brand persona. A brand persona is the personification of your brand. He is responsible for the communication and the sensation that your product or service generates in the public. The main objective of it is to relate the values ​​of your brand with the values ​​of your consumers. The name you bear, the tone in which you speak, the language you use, the content you create… There are many elements that influence its construction, therefore, making mistakes when creating a brand person can happen (and it is more normal than you think).

1. Launch Without Prior Planning

Brands that emerge in the market without doing any type of branding planning are much more frequent than you imagine. Even if you do a quick search on social media, you can easily find brands that don’t really know who they are, where they’re going, or who they’re talking to… They’re lost! And the fault lies with the lack of preparation. To avoid making this mistake, start by South Korean phone number structuring the organization of your brand person taking into account basic aspects such as: Voice tone; Semantic constellation (group of words that have meaning in the linguistic universe of the brand); Ways of arguing; Quotes and authors that represent the segment. With this in hand, you will have the first steps to align other strategic and operational elements of your brand identity.

2. Not Thinking Hard Enough About the Name

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How nice it would be if the name of a company came out of nowhere while you shower or minutes before bed, right? Although it can happen, it is very difficult for the ideal name of your brand to be born like this. And by ideal, I mean many variables that make the name your most important marketing decision. Your brand name should add value and sound good. Not be CG Leads generic, excessively long, or difficult to pronounce or write. Care must be taken so that it does not lead to misunderstandings or be too similar to the competition. And if you plan to put your first or last name, think again (unless your brand is your living reflection). Do not forget that it must also be registrable.

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