6 Complete Steps of the Marketing Process

The life cycle of a product or service includes several processes. Even before exiting, the marketing process is taken into account to contemplate the viability, and how good or not it can be to think about starting a project. It is undeniable that sales processes have changed, and that now brands seek to relate differently with their potential customers, and apart from that, generate the brand reputation that the digital age contemplates. In this post, you will understand what marketing processes consist of, their theoretical context, and the application of each of their steps.

Concept of Marketing Processes

Thinking of marketing as a set of activities aimed at developing a business, these have a sequential order that, when developed, are called marketing processes. This concept arose from Philip Kotler, a New Zealand number database benchmark in the Marketing area, who defined it as: Marketing processes consist of analyzing marketing opportunities, researching and selecting target markets, designing marketing strategies, planning marketing programs, and organizing, implementing, and controlling the marketing effort. Taking into account this sequence of activities, we will define each step that makes up the marketing process.

What is Marketing?

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Download the free pdf of the topic opportunity analysis. When speaking of opportunities, reference is made to the probabilities. That there are for a product or service to have sufficient acceptance. That is, so that the solution offered has a forecast demand that is. The CG Leads minimum required to think of its success. This is where the marketing process begins. According to kotler, there are different scenarios to understand. If opportunities exist: if something is scarce, that is, if people. Line up to acquire it or if it has very limited access. It is said that this would then be a market opportunity since the supply cannot. Fully meet the demand. If there is a product or service that meets the needs of your buyers. But there could be improvements in its conditions. Or characteristics, this is also considered an opportunity.

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