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Manager The first way to set up and track events is to install Google Tag Manager on your site. Google Tag Manager (GTM for short) is a system for managing tags. Added to a website to track and analyze visitor behavior. Tags in Google Tag Manager are small pieces of code that track the behavior of site visitors. They help evaluate: how the site solves the tasks of users; How effective is advertising? how many conversions users make. If you are interested in learning more, read the article on our blog “Google Tag Manager Basics” . Before creating events through Google Tag Manager, you need to. Add GTM code to the site – how to do this is described in detail in Google help.

As A Beginner

Connect the site Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4 – in this guide. We consider the algorithm for working with the “fourth analytics”. Then go to Japan Phone Number List Google Analytics 4 and select the “Configuration” section in the menu on the left. And then go to the “Events” subsection. This is where you can create and modify events. image36 Activating Variables Now go to the “Variables” section in the Tag Manager. If you do not have variables enabled, you need to click the “Settings” button and in the window that opens on the right, check the boxes in the “Clicks” subsection.


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How To Start Running

Now we need to create triggers and tags, then connect each trigger to a tag, and each tag to Google Analytics 4. Setting up a tag on the site and previewing events Go to the “Triggers” subsection in the Tag Manager. If you are just starting the setup, you have nothing here. Click the “Preview” button in the upper right corner. A new window will open and Tag Manager will prompt you to go to the site for which you want to set up events. Click Connect. connect This is how the window looks like in which we will create tags and “link” user actions on the site with Google Analytics.

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