5 Reasons to Convert Web Apps to Mobile Apps for Ios and Android

Think about how your users now access your web app. Perhaps they need to remember you for some Mexico Phone Number List reason, open Mexico Phone Number List a browser, enter the URL, wait for everything to load, and probably log in. Then, in the end, they are ready for dialogue.

Compare this with your mobile app. You’ll see a prominent icon on your home screen, or you’ll be notified by push notifications. You can log in with just one tap, and the app will remain logged in from the last time. This removes a lot of friction. This is always a good thing to promote use and engagement.

3: Increase loyalty

Loyalty and retention are becoming more and more important to digital businesses.

Here, the app can help in several ways. Our customers regularly make sure that app users are more loyal, spend more time interacting with the content, and come back more often.

As already mentioned, the improved UX can help here, but something else is happening.

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In the first place, apps “self-select” for the most loyal users. By visiting the App Store or Google Play and downloading and installing the app on your smartphone, you’re demonstrating that you’re a fan, or at least ready to become a fan.

Why App Annie Needs an App for Mobile Strategies :

Today, apps are paramount to gaining customer loyalty. Consumers spend most of their time on smartphone apps and expect that the brand they buy has at least one app. Each time your business contacts a customer with a timely and relevant message, you are more likely to gain that customer’s loyalty. Nowadays, one of the best ways to do that is to have an app that has a well-defined audience, speaks in a way that suits that audience, and provides a stylish user experience.

Over time, apps will represent the “core” base of most loyal users. Putting them all in one place (in a UI suitable for retention) is a big advantage.

You can communicate more directly via mobile push notifications (more on that later) and better understand them through app analytics. This gives you valuable insights about your core users.

4: Push notifications that actually work
Push notifications are the best way to communicate with your users. The only way to take advantage of push notifications is to use the iOS and Android apps.


Browsers are increasingly cracking down on web notifications (which are being abused and generally considered annoying), and iOS can’t send them at all!

However, with iOS and Android apps, you can always send push notifications to all app users with your favorite content.

Push notifications are five times more open than emails, much more noticeable than social media posts, and can effectively target iOS and Android users.

You can use them to inform users Mexico Phone Number List of important information, promote products and offers, and encourage them to use the app. it’s up to you. You can also set it to go out automatically for specific events, or you can set it to go out manually if you think it is appropriate.

Web apps alone can’t properly send mobile push notifications, but for mobile apps, think about how this can help your marketing efforts.

5: Presence in the App Store
The App Store is busier than ever.

This makes it more competitive, but it can also be a great user acquisition channel. People use the App Store and Google Play to search for solutions to their problems, much like they use Google on the web. The visibility there and the visibility of the icons on the user’s home screen are powerful!

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