5 Kpop Content Strategies That Build Fandom Loyalty

Kpop is everywhere, idols are taking over the market, awards and, above all, social networks. The incredible thing is that the production companies seem to do nothing in the marketing department. You don’t see them paying for ads on youtube; all promotion is done by the fans themselves . So, what marketing strategies in kpop achieve that loyalty? First, let’s put ourselves in context about the popularity that kpop has gained in recent years. Then we will see no less than five uses and marketing strategies in the kpop music industry, which you can implement in your own sector to retain followers of your brand. Impact of kpop on the world and the market if you check the statistics of various social networks. Especially those full of young people like instagram or tiktok, you will realize how viral kpop.

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I am not talking about results in south korea, but in the whole world. Countries are listening to the songs of, for example, bts and blackpink. Although kpop has been trying to Switzerland Phone Number List enter the western market for years. And has succeeded to some extent, it was not until 2017 when it entered the top; and they have been compared to the arrival of the beatles in the 1960s. Content marketing strategies that contributed to the success of the beatles it is no wonder that the south korean government is so interested in promoting k-pop bands. Due to the high income they bring to the country only in tourism.

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But this conquest did not come from nowhere, did you know that idols are trained for years before debuting? Every aspect of kpop groups is very well thought out, thing: fan marketing. Although kpop is a music genre. The music has not become popular on its own. In this industry, music is one more element CG Leads that is accompanied by choreography, costumes and a performance. The members of these groups train for years to achieve a staging like no other. And this is for a reason: it’s hard to win over an international audience without selling more than just your music. Especially when the songs aren’t in a language as globalized as english. It is necessary a staging so well seen that it leaves in the background to understand the lyrics of the song.

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