4 Seo Tips from 4 Marketing Geniuses

SEO is a concept you can’t part with, but it doesn’t have to faze you either. Look for it to be a true ally in your content strategy. Never see him as your enemy, or as a burden… Know him and follow him. I start this year 2020, giving you four great tips from the four greats of Marketing . But before I review with you, what is SEO? SEO is… Its acronym in English means Search Engine Optimization and in Spanish it translates as Optimization for search engines; It is a process created to improve the visibility of your website before the search engines that make life on the Internet. In other words, it allows your site to have a prominent position in the results that the search engine shows for a search criteria that the user has requested from the internet. The page where the results are displayed is known as SERPs.

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So , SEO helps your users find you on the web. SEO tips from the greats for 2020 1.Neil Patel Neil Patel is a consultant, writer, entrepreneur, entrepreneur, motivator, speaker, and more. He Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List claims that anyone can earn a month from his blog, as long as they do what he has to do. You dare? It has developed a lot of software applications that support the digital communication world. Thus, he has also written books that have become true bestsellers . Patel makes us on the subject of SEO for 2020 , is: – Manage and Apply the EAT concept: Experience, Authority and Reliability. Let’s see what he means by this: Experience: your blog must present information of great value, creative, functional.

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This is the only way you can show that your online space is an expert in what you present. Experience to share so you are creating a solid reputation. To CG Leads do this, you must always be aligned with what your target audience wants. Authority: Become an authority? Yes, that’s what it’s about. That other expert colleagues or influential people quote you; is to establish yourself as an authority on the subject. Getting other websites to refer to you and link to your website is a must-see option. But mentions from other blogs are also worth it.

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