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They are also called inbound leads. There is also data on those who came from Ringostat partner agencies. Your number of columns may be more or less, because your business is different from ours. What designations do we have? MQL is not yet a real, but only a potential client brought in by marketing channels; SQL – a lead with whom the sales department has already talked and considered it to be of high quality, such leads are also called qualified; won – a deal that was concluded, it is also called won; spam; duplicate transaction – such fields must be deleted periodically, you can leave it if the manager himself assigned such a status, for example, to an existing client who called from a different number this time.

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In order for the data from the columns that I mentioned above to be pulled up, ARRAYFORMULA is also needed. Namely this code: if($V2:$V>1,0,1) If column V, which refers to the funnel, contains the number one, then the conversion has taken place. This is due Argentina Mobile Number List to the fact that data can be unloaded from different funnels. For example, let’s say you have one funnel with data about first-time buyers. And there is another one, in which those who apply repeatedly about service issues are recorded. We will analyze leads from only one funnel. Lead quality columns can contain only one of the values: either 1 or 0. The next step is to count quality leads. I am building a dashboard using Ringostat as an example.


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Therefore, let’s imagine that the steps to closing the deal, they are stages, we have the following: initial incoming call; the appeal transferred to work; consultation; drafted and sent to the client commercial offer; documents prepared for closing the transaction; receiving payment from the client. The leads for which the sales team prepared a commercial proposal are clearly of high quality. If they were not like that, they simply would not have reached this stage. But how to evaluate the quality of leads that are still at the consultation and earlier stages? Marketers need to understand as quickly as possible what kind of people the ad is bringing in and what to do next with the campaigns.

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