4 Common Mistakes When Looking to Sell Technology Solutions

Selling technology can be a difficult challenge because, although you know how to improve key processes in companies, it is difficult for them to understand how they would benefit from what you offer. Often our training does not include the skills to sell our own products or services, and technology professionals are no exception. It is one thing to create a new product or service whose benefit you are very clear about, and quite another to achieve awareness and adoption by the market you are targeting. Especially if you target B2B segments or service businesses, adopting new technology solutions is a process. And a good part of that difficulty has to do with how that person understands -or not- the difference that these innovations will bring to their business.

Incomprehensible Texts for People Outside the Technological World

No technological product or service “sells itself”. No matter how new, innovative or disruptive it may be, if it is not presented in an attractive and understandable way to your potential clients, it is very difficult for you to sell it as you would like. Often the fault lies with the texts. The Hong Kong mobile number search design of your website is important because it captures attention and helps build trust, especially among those who have never worked with you. But that is only the beginning. Once the visitor starts reading… what happens? Does he keep seeing more pages within your site, does he contact you? Or does it go away after a few seconds? Google Analytics helps you verify that information.” Confused mind does not buy”, they say out there.

Ignore the Problems of Your Potential Clients

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Task automation, artificial intelligence (ai), the internet of things (iot). And other trends in the technological world are on everyone’s lips. The advantages that its use represents for companies are increasingly known. So this moment is unique for those who, like you, sell technology. But there is a problem: it is necessary to humanize the sale. Of technology. The CG Leads countless transactions that take place around the world. Every second continue to take place between people. Of flesh and blood. Do not address your colleagues, but your customers. Therefore, your messages and all your promotional strategies must be focused on. Connecting with other human beings, who have aspirations and. Urgent pain points to solve.

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