3 Social Media Content Strategies That Were Used on Valentine’s Day

February is the month of love, so during these dates. All the media have been flooded with hearts and romance. But, sometimes we tend to find too many repeated strategies. So we have compiled a set of actions that innovated social media for valentine’s day. These were some of the content marketing strategies that could give a different atmosphere to the romanticism of social networks. And that can provide new ideas for you to celebrate your festivities in a different way than the rest. You already know that trite content is a threat that many brands fall into. So you better learn from these 3 examples that dared to make different content ideas for valentine’s day. Social media is about people, not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you marc goulart.

The british brand of blinds

Challenge in social networks 247 blinds. And curtains, achieved viralization for its challenge created for singles on february 14. We know that challenges on social Peru Phone Number List networks are very easy to go viral. And this brand achieved it thanks to an alphabet soup that challenged single users to find the word “ love ” in less than 73 seconds. What is different about this challenge can be seen in the simplicity of the challenge. Plus, the brand was smart to amuse singles who, due to the lack of dating. Are more likely to spend their valentine’s day on social media. Tip: during the festivities, create challenges that manage to involve those who are excluded in the celebrations. They represent an audience that will need attention during that day, so take advantage of it. Also remember that when creating a challenge. Simplicity and entertainment are key to viralization.

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Which today is suffering from

Humor and love some chinese brands have taken advantage of the holiday and social media to not neglect the celebrations, even in difficult conditions. One CG Leads of the epidemics that has claimed the greatest number of victims in its territory. Finds its streets desolate due to a quarantine to prevent the spread of the wuhan coronavirus. And although this situation has greatly affected its economy. There are brands that managed on valentine’s day. Marketing strategies for valentine’s day in china cannot ignore the reality that citizens live. So, some brands have opted to use humor to win over their prospects.

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