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Target Audience Data Information on the project . This is the most important block – in fact, a brief description of all future work. Here’s what it includes: Project Information Let’s consider each item in more detail. Goals of launching advertising . The global goal is usually the same: to attract new customers and increase sales. There are others: to draw attention to a new product, to cover a specific region. To encourage customers to go to the product card. Previous experience of contextual advertising , if any. Here it is worth indicating on which sites advertising was conduct, what indicators were achieve, what you like and what you would like to improve.

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Are there any priorities for impressions, a list of keywords that have been post earlier – in case there has already been a similar experience. KPIs, or key advertising performance indicators . These are CTR – the ratio of the number of clicks to the total number Sweden Phone Numbers List of impressions, CR – conversion rate, CPC – cost per click, CPO – customer acquisition cost, ROI – profitability, and others. In fact, these indicators are business goals. It is best to indicate the specific numbers that the customer wants to achieve: KPIs, or key performance indicators for advertising Approximate budget for which the customer expects . Contextual advertising is usually paid monthly. This amount includes setup work, including collecting semantics, writing ads, setting display conditions, launching and maintaining an advertising campaign.

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If the customer needs additional work – for example, optimization and refinement of the site – this is paid separately. Approximate budget for which the customer expects Additional information . In this paragraph, you can include all the materials and developments on the topic that the customer has. For example, previous briefs, tables with semantics, reports of the contractor with whom you have work before, etc. How to issue a brief for contextual advertising: template The brief can be issue in any format: there are no strict requirements for its design, the main thing in it is valuable information. For your convenience, we have prepare for you a ready-made brief template for contextual advertising : you can save it for yourself and use it in your work.

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