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In the create table, open the “Tools” tab and go to the “Script Editor” item. This is where you will write your own script. “Script editor” for creating a dashboard The template that is on the link above is empty – that is, without scripts. Because there is no universal code that is suitable for any business and any CRM. The script I’m talking about here takes data from our CRM, it’s Pipedrive. In general, you can set up uploading from any CRM, the main thing is that it has an API. This is done in two ways: contact your CRM technical support or find its API documentation to write your own script; search the Internet for scripts written by someone and change them for yourself.

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In case both options do not fit, there is a third one – contact a programmer who will write the script that you need. This is a one-time task, and a ready-made script can be use for years. IMPORTANT: in order for everything to work correctly, each time before Afghanistan Mobile Number List starting the script, you must erase what is already there. Only then can you insert new data. Looks like this: raw data table sheet On the right side there are other columns. As they are called, it is written above. IMPORTANT: you cannot change anything on the sheet with unloading. Instead, create another sheet.

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Source of a deal – the source of the deal, for example, a phone call or filling out a form on the site; utm source — lead source; utm medium — channel where the lead came from; utm campaign – campaign; utm term is the keyword that brought the lead; Deal ID — unique deal number from CRM; year, month and day when the data appeare; creation time ; transaction status – “open”, “lost” or “won”; the reason for the lost deal , about what they are, I will tell further; client ID – a unique digital number from Google Analytics, it appears in CRM for each lead; manager — name or nickname of the employee responsible for the transaction.

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