14 Tips to Increase Conversion in E-commerce

A great challenge for e-commerce is to increase conversion and decrease shopping basket abandonment, generating more sales. Understand how to do it through 14 valuable tips! Do you have a virtual store that receives a good number of visits, but you still find it difficult to make sales? Looking at it on the bright side, attracting traffic is essential for successful e-commerce. So, be happy with it! The problem is that, after arriving at your site, visitors need to be convinced that the products advertised on it are worth buying. When this process takes place, what we call conversion happens, that is, the person stops being a simple visitor and becomes a customer. Increasing conversion in eCommerce is a never-ending goal, but there are several tactics for it (some that are worth using and others that are not).

Why Follow Best Practices Instead of Spending a Fortune on Ads

While many entrepreneurs try to solve the low conversion problem by spending heavily on ads or going through liquidations, rest assured that as a long-term strategy, this is a big catch! In the end, it is impossible to have a successful business for a long time only using the mentioned solutions, since they increase the acquisition costs. By doing this, it won’t take long for the accountants email list store to start losing money instead of making money. Fortunately, there is a better way to deal with this challenge: Following good digital marketing practices has a great cost-benefit since most of them can be implemented immediately, without involving high expenses. These solutions work for a long time, lower acquisition costs, and contribute to customer satisfaction, which is the first step to loyalty.

14 Tips to Increase Conversion in E-commerce

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Since following good practices is the best way, there is nothing fairer than teaching you some of the main ones to increase conversion in eCommerce . I leave you 14 tips that will help you sell more and better without delay:1. Use images, lots of images product images make all the difference to sharpen the desire and give customers confidence that the product is CG Leads of quality. It is likely that your store already has photos of the products, but that alone is not enough. First, show enough photos for the person to see the entire product. Options like zoom, 360-degree viewing, or multi-angle photos are great, as are great, well-lit, high-quality photos. 2. Bet on short videos in addition to the photos.

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