13 Creative Ideas to Keep Your Brand Always Innovative on Social Networks

Having creativity in your company’s social media strategy makes all the difference when it comes to engaging your audience, thereby increasing reach and delivering real results for your brand. To help you with this, we have listed 13 creative ideas to apply to your social networks. Look at them! Being on social networks is one thing, but making an impact on them is another, quite different. Which group will your brand be part of? The answer depends, to a large extent, on your ability to adapt to the use of the resources offered by each network in the best possible way and your ability to innovate among so many companies that seek to stand out. In addition to competing with other brands for as much attention as possible.

1. Follow an Editorial Calendar

The editorial calendar is the most efficient way to organize your social media posts and is key to keeping innovation growing. A quick glance at the calendar is all it takes to see if you’re being too Alphabroder phone number repetitive in your shared links or content formatting. It is true that maintaining consistency is important, but not innovating is very expensive in terms of scope and commitment. Finally, the editorial calendar also makes it easy to plan special content for important dates. cta marketing calendar kitc2. Bet on user-generated content. Instead of only posting what your internal team produces, why not kill two birds with one stone by using user-generated content? In addition to reducing the work of your team, this attitude increases the public’s commitment.

3. Make Live Broadcasts

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The power of videos in marketing is increasing, so there is no reason for your social networks not to take advantage of this resource. One of the most popular ways is to broadcast live for your audience. People already love videos, but knowing they’re being broadcast live adds a new dimension to people’s curiosity, fueling a sense of urgency and loss aversion. That’s CG Leads because, when social networks warn their followers that the broadcast has started, users want to know what will be shown in the video — and they have to watch it at that exact moment. This also makes live broadcasts a great way to “steal” your audience’s attention away from whatever else they’re doing.

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