13 Common Email Marketing Mistakes That Are Costing You Dearly

Email Marketing has become one of the most common techniques. When it comes to online communication and, although other methods have emerged in recent years (such as social networks, for example). This strategy continues to be one of the most important when It’s about increasing sales and capturing buyer personas . You may be wondering: Is Email Marketing more popular than social networks? Yes, believe it! And I’m not saying it, nothing more and nothing less than Marketing McKinsey. The most important strategic consulting firm in New York. This exposed in its most recent analysis that. Email Marketing is 40 times more successful compared to Facebook and Twitter when it comes to retaining customers. But wait! The fact of being more effective does not mean that the errors are settled and it will be a wonder on its own. Nerd. Nothing is successful if you take it for granted and this is no exception.

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With Email Marketing it is more common to make mistakes than it seems, mistakes that can cost dearly if you don’t take action or try to avoid them. Do not wait until the end of your campaign to find out what the negative results were, that could even be! But don’t worry, here is a list of possible errors when Iceland Phone Number List carrying out this strategy so that you can take them into account and, if necessary, rethink your campaign. Avoid making these 13 email marketing mistakes because they will be very expensive 1. Do you know who your target audience is? – “I don’t think it is necessary to know” Fatal mistake! At least 77% of ROI effectiveness is generated thanks to correctly targeted and segmented campaigns.

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The simple fact of not identifying your target audience or buyer persona when sending an translate into a waste of time and money. How will you achieve proper CG Leads responsiveness if you don’t know who you’re sending mail to? It’s stupid! On one occasion I received an email from a language institute, which was recruiting people for an advanced Portuguese course. The error is not in sending me the information about the course because you could say. That my profile matched one of your ideal potential clients. However, the mistake was that the course was face-to-face and it was in another country, very far from where I belong.

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