13 Best Applications to Record the Screen of Your Computer or Mobile

Learn about the best applications to record the screen of your computer or mobile, free and paid, for Windows and Mac, IOS and Android. Have you already thought about using videos in your Content Marketing strategy? If your answer is yes, it is likely that you have already searched for some equipment for that. But, did you know that you could start right now with apps to record your computer or cell phone screen ? You may not have considered it, but there are many reasons to record the screen of your devices and use that content in your Digital Marketing strategy. For example, if your company’s product is software, you can show it running in all its glory. Another good idea is to develop tutorials teaching how to access specific functions, correct errors or troubleshoot the program.

Best Apps to Record Computer Screen

We start our list with the software that captures the screen of your computer, be it Windows or Mac. Check them out!1. CamtasiaCamtasia is one of the most powerful software to record the content of your computer screen. Despite that, you don’t need to be scared: the program’s interface is very simple and intuitive. In addition to allowing screen recording, Camtasia also comes with a small video editor, which allows you to Albania phone number make cuts and other montages in the content. To top it off, the software also allows you to import HD videos from other sources and add clickable links to generate more dynamic content (sort of like a PowerPoint presentation). There are versions of the program for Windows and Mac. There is a free version with 30 days of use but the full version is paid.

2. Spring Free Cam

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For those looking for a free option to record computer screens, iSpring Free Cam is a great option. The program makes capturing content easy and doesn’t weigh much. In addition, it has a series of very important editing options such as removing background noises and parts of the video or adding audio tracks (such as background music ). Save CG Leads videos in HD format (either 720p or 1080p, WMV format only) or export directly to YouTube, plus record microphone, PC system, and mouse sounds. The negative part is that iSpring Free Cam cannot record the webcam stream from the computer as well. In compensation, it has no watermark on the footage, no usage limit, and no ads. The program is 100% free and exclusive to Windows.

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