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Create a CRM Implementation Working Group. Include executives and managers from all departments: marketing, sales, logistics, purchasing. They know firsthand how the company’s business is conduct, what processes need to be automate. In addition, they will have to work with CRM. 2. Consider: basic work processes: advertising, presentation, sale, purchase, warehouse, paperwork, etc.; mandatory attributes of each process: deadlines, stages, responsible employees, reports – they will be reflect in CRM transactions; important triggers at each stage: tasks, calls, letters, meetings, reminders, chains of interactions between employees. 3. Model a logical sequence of processes, ranking activities and tasks by urgency and importance.

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A common mistake is to assign the most idle employees to be responsible for the implementation of CRM. For example, a secretary or a system administrator. Or any other employees who are far from understanding all your business processes. How to choose and implement CRM tips Source The joint preparatory work of a group of experts will help Benin Mobile Number List you visually see all business processes and not miss the most important thing. After that, it will become easier for you to formulate the main expectations and the task that CRM should solve. For example: increasing the efficiency of the work of different departments – automatic recording of all orders and calls, tracking all communication channels, time management, reminders of important events, setting and monitoring the implementation of tasks; sales growth – collection and segmentation of the base.

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Building a sales funnel, personalization of communication with customers, algorithms for warming up leads and repeat sales; communications and interaction between departments; KPI, analytics – creation of basic and customized reports on various parameters, forecasting; data storage security – access restriction, backup, encryption. IMPORTANT. Your goals and expectations should be clear and measurable. Avoid vague phrases like “ease of use” or “sales reports.” Availability of ready-made API integrations Most likely, it will not be possible to solve all your tasks within the framework of one standard CRM. But this is not a sentence if CRM can be integrated via API with programs and services that are important to you. Virtual telephony. All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded in CRM – deals, contacts and tasks are automatically created for them.

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