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To understand this, we divide the reasons for losing trades into three varieties. Spam and poor quality leads. Such people usually “fall off” in the early stages, from the first to the third. An example of this is the calls of those who themselves wanted to sell something or had the wrong number. If the lead failed to get through after five, maximum seven attempts, he was also clearly inappropriate. High-quality leads that didn’t turn out to be a purchase. This happens when a person is interested in a product or service, but did not buy it. For example, received a better offer from competitors. Leads who received a commercial offer. Trades that have reached this stage are usually closed.

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From CRM, the amount for which they bought is pulled up. It will become one of the components of the ROI calculation. We move on and introduce a formula that will “pay attention” to two conditions. When we see the number three or more in column T (deal stage), the formula will display all the leads that have moved to the fourth Armenia Mobile Number List stage and beyond. This means that these people have received a commercial offer, documents are being prepared, or payment has been received. In addition, the formula will count the leads that have not progressed beyond the third stage. These are just those lost deals that did not depend on marketing. This happens when a customer has chosen a competitor or put the purchase on hold for personal reasons.


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When we analyze leads in Ringo stat, we also look at the number of those who ordered Trial. This is a trial period, it lasts 14 days and the user does not pay for it. Quite often, those who have tested the product buy it. Our Trial runs at number six. So, the formula will count those who have advanced beyond the fifth stage. if Similarly, we analyze and won transactions. The transaction status is taken from CRM, it is indicated in the O field. It can contain the following values: open; won; lost. As soon as the deal is won, the amount of payment for it is pulled up. That is, if the status won (won) appears in the target column, then the formula refers to column.

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