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The video takes us to 1940, where a little girl is given a plush Mickey Mouse. In 2005, the heroine is already a grandmother, who presents a toy for the new year to her granddaughter. Over time, the girl grows up, and Mickey Mouse is no longer interesting to her. But the young heroine still understands what role the toy played for her grandmother. Going down to the living room in the morning, the old woman sees a decorated room and receives a gift from her granddaughter – a restored Mickey Mouse. 16. Zara: Helps choose gifts Many people do not know exactly what their loved ones will be happy about, so they puzzle over what to give as a gift.

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But you still can not guess, and a friend or family member will be disappointed, although he may not give a look. Make it easy for your customers to choose – and they will definitely be grateful. Zara, New Year’s advertising For example, this is what the Zara brand does. The company collects its products into themed gift guides. Zara publishes links to these Denmark Cell Phone Number List guides not only in social networks, but also shoots videos on them. You can do the same by making a selection of surprises for the whole family, women, men, children – and even pets: 17. KitKat: even Santa needs a break KitKat has changed its slogan several times already, but it always revolves around the theme of “break” in one way or another.

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In the New Year’s advertising, the brand shows that even Santa needs such a break. Which has already run out of steam, trying to deliver gifts to the inhabitants of the whole earth in time. KitKat, Christmas advertisement The minimalist KitKat video is radically different from everything you’ve seen above. There are no gifts, no snowflakes, no sentimental family scenes – nothing at all, except for a white screen. A calm voice in the background suggests taking a break from the Christmas bustle and just taking a break. Of course, eating KitKat. 18. Air Canada: travel home People often celebrate the New Year away from their home – and not always because they want to.

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